The best opposing team we ever faced

Inline hockey

Today on June 19 at 12:15 PM we are going to be talking to you about the best Arizona in-line hockey team that we ever matched up against. There are many different great hockey teams in Arizona but the best one we ever faced was the Arizona Tigers. They are truly a formidable team and have a lot of skill.  As you know though, we are the number one semi pro team in the state of Arizona. By the way semi professional is an in-state league and we do not face teams out of state. We are the best hockey team in the state of Arizona and have  won the championship every year for the last five years.

Most of the teams we faced in the past did not have a chance against us because our training regimen is just too strong. All of them tried against us but they just could not  beat us in a competition. When we faced the Arizona Tigers though, that was a different story. That was the closest game that we have ever played in our careers. We literally beat them by one point in the last second of the game. It was a neck and neck tie all the way up until the end.  Luckily the goalie was not paying attention so we got the last shot and won the game. They are a team that is equal in skill level to us. We just managed to trump them at the very end.  The coach of that team is a very strong individual who has worked hard to try and leave that team and to victory. Him and that team have done a lot  to help push us into being competitive so we would like to support the coach in other ways besides hockey. Please go look at Bob’s page for his business over in  sacramento At

That team was able to match up to us for a couple of reasons.

  •  Their training regimen was equal two hours-their training regimen is just like ours and if they really put a lot of effort into what they do. We have to commend them on this because each of the players on that team trains extremely hard and has for the past many years to get to where they’re at now. They have worked and worked just like we have and that’s why they  deserve to be the second best. There is nothing wrong with being second-best, but you have to have that extra edge to be number one. We hope that these players can match up to us one day and really beat us ultimately. We are looking for that challenge once again and we hope for that Arizona Tigers can step up to the plate one more time and give us that!

That is the gratitude that we have to give to our fellow Friends over at the Arizona Tigers. If you have a chance, go ahead and watch their games as well. They are very skilled team and need to be supported.

How to shoot a hockey puck

There are many different ways to shoot a hockey puck but there is only one right way to do it. Before we let you know about how to do this you need to know about the importance of shooting a hockey puck. The puck is what you make into the goal to make a score.  It is important that you score more points than your opposing team so that you can win the game.

Like we said earlier, there are different ways that you can shoot a park but the right way to shoot a puck is to make it into the goal every time. There are certain ways you can move your stick around to get the best shot. For example, if you hit the puck from the side it is going to slide across the floor.  If you hit the puck from the center, it is going to go to high in the air. But if you head to the park right from the perfect angle while having the stick at an angle as well then it will shoot right into the net and get you a score every time. Make sure you do this  on every shot that you do to ensure you make a score frequently.  You do not want to be wasting your time on the hockey field.


Proper nutrition to stay in shape

Bodybuilding nutrition

A big hi to everyone and we are back with yet another post for you guys and we are going to be talking to you today about how to use proper nutrition to stay in shape.

There are many different things and factors that go into staying in top physical shape for playing in-line hockey. There is your workout, your diet regimen, the amount of sleep you get, the stress in your life, etc. The most important thing about health and nutrition though  is the diet aspect of it. There is nothing that is going to help you get lean more than a proper diet. You can do as much cardio as you want, but in the end it is not really going to help you out. There are many different things that piece together to make a proper diet. There is The amount of calories you and just, your vitamins, your minerals, your macronutrients, and your micro nutrients. These all conjoin together to make the perfect diet. If one factors left out, then your diet is not on point. Since we are playing in-line hockey, we want to make sure that our diet is exactly to the tea every day, so that we can perform at the highest level.

first thing that we recommend for a proper diet is high consumption of protein and medium to low consumption of carbs. first thing that we recommend for a proper diet is high consumption of protein and medium to low consumption of carbs. When you eat Ohio mount of carbohydrates, it will oftentimes add a lot of extra fat and water weight which will slow you down for hockey. In the sports you want to have the least amount of extra weight as possible so that your speed and stays where it needs to be. High-protein is great because it keeps your body running off long-lasting energy and keeps you less hungry.  We recommend that you consume about 300 to 200 g of protein a day to make sure that your muscle growth is at its peak when you’re working out as well.

The next part of the diet is to make sure that you are watching your daily intake of calories the number one thing when people are gaining weight is that they are at a calorie surplus. You want to make sure that your diet is not  out of sir plus or a deficit. You want to stay at your maintaining level for your calories. Since you want to keep your weight so you can be as fast as possible you want to keep it where it’s at. This sounds weird because the lighter you are the faster you are, but you don’t want to be too light because then you won’t have enough energy.

That is all of the dieting information we have to share with you today for playing in-line hockey. We would like to give a special shout out to for giving us inspiration on dieting information.

Strength Training for Hockey

It’s very obvious that hockey players need strength to compete well.

Inline hockey players need strength

Inline hockey players need strength

This is specifically and essentially important for young athletes. Did you know that it’s actually strengthen is the most important factor for developing speed and a lot of times skill? If you’re stronger, you have a greater chance to be more powerful. And if you’re powerful you have a greater chance to be more explosive and to be faster. Strength is crucial the power is more essential to how you can increase both of them.

Work hard

First concept to understand about getting stronger for hockey, even in-line hockey is progressive overload. For strength training and for you to get stronger and more develop muscle, you have to increase the resistance or increased repetitions progressively your body Will get used to the constant and consistent workload. So you have to go above and beyond your comfort zone and the comfort levels. And that could be done by doing extra repetitions of until you achieve temporary muscular failure. And all that means is that you do repetitions until you basically can’t do anymore. That is the number one factor for getting stronger.

Use proper form and technique

Number two, and not far behind is proper form and technique. If you want to be strong you have to lift the proper way. That means not arching your back when you’re not supposed to, that means engaging your core muscles and firing different nor logical patterns in the right sequence, that means keeping your head up and your eyes up for a lot of different exercises, and for squatting that means your knees not going over top of your toes. Obviously you want to be very safe as well because if you do yourself or working out and trying to get stronger you’re only going to get weaker because you won’t be able to work out anymore. So foreman technique in the proper way is very important to improve your hockey related strengths.

Recover Properly

The number three thing that’s very important increase your strength is actually recovery. So you don’t actually want to do strength two days in a row, if you are actually trying the same body part to do repetitions over and over again. You want to make sure that you’re resting properly, because that’s when you actually grow the muscle. Isn’t that funny? Do you think about strength training, direction not building muscle. You’re breaking it down and when you rest recover and sleep, that’s when you actually will the muscle. What else affects your ability to get stronger? Continue Reading

How to Skate Faster

Speed kills. It’s as simple as that. And if you can skate faster than your competitors, you going to get to the puck faster, and you’re going to be able to dominate them considering you have decent skills. So speed is a skill that you cannot replace, there is no replacement for it and even if you have all the skills in the world but you’re not fast, there’s no chance of you making a great play, so paying attention =this article and you will reach your full potential if you take it into consideration.
The first aspect of getting faster is that you’ll need to address underlying issues that cause you to be slow. Issues like imbalances, asymmetries, core strength issues, are underlying issues that’s a lot of speed coaches at hockey coaches don’t address but that need to be addressed, as we talked about in our previous article, but they can drastically help you improve your hockey speed as well as your endurance as well your likelihood to get injured decreasing.

The second thing you want to look at is your stride form. If you don’t skate properly, it’s very difficult to try to teach you how to improve upon that. So yes it’s very fundamental, but you really have to have good skating mechanics in order for you to approve them. I mean if you take a broken car and you add a new engine to it, but it’s not the engine or the body of the alignment is the problem it’s not going to really make a difference no matter how much muscle you have if you don’t have the right form, you can’t have great speed.

Another thing you can do is to practice skating fast. Training for speed is not the same as conditioning. When you skate a 20 meter dash, or skate a lap, do it at 100%, and rest 2-4 minutes in between until your heart rate comes back down to resting. This is because you’re training the lactic acid and anaerobic energy systems, not the aerobic system. And obviously when you’re in a hockey game, you’re going for 2 minute shifts at a time. And if you want the high end speed to improve, you have to make sure you train both energy systems.
Nutrition has a lot to do with speed too. Surprising? Not really! If you have more body fat, you’re going to be slower. More muscle = more power. Nutritionally, you can do everything you can to lose body fat, recover faster, and build muscle. That means eating lots of protein, eating smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day, and drinking lots of water and eating a recovery shake right after you work out. Obviously, it’s good to cut out all of the artificial junk and sugar and processed foods, because those are no good and empty calories.

Continue Reading

Hockey tips for young in-line hockey players

Welcome to the Arizona inline Hockey Organization. We are excited to be sharing hockey skill tips and character building for your teams and for all of our athletes. In the coming days, we will provide as much information as we can to improve the skills of our hockey players. For our first blog post, we compiled a list of some tips that will help our young hockey players become better players and athletes overall. After all, we want our players to be the best they can be. Here’s a little inspiration from the best hockey highlights of the 2015-2016 season so far:

Here’s how we plan on helping our players get to the next level.
Number one is to move functionally
Functional movement is a prerequisite to athleticism. A lot of coaches, athletic trainers, and even health professionals and doctors will lacked the ability for aphids to move functionally. If an athlete can’t move properly, their injury likelihood is incredibly high. If athletes are getting injured all the time, especially young athletes, that’s going to keep them out of the game and start their development and their growth. So we want to make sure were taking and injury prevention approach to our training. And we can do that by the functional movement screen also known as the FMS. It is a series of seven test that helps athletes screen for dysfunctional movement pain and balances and muscle asymmetries. Yes this seems like a lot but something as simple as this tool can help prevent injuries by up to 70%. After the athletes get screen they get a set of customize exercises to help them correct dysfunction and perform at a higher level. This is what makes our association so innovative.
The second is working with raw athleticism for a hockey athlete.
We’re talking about speed, agility on the ice or on the rink in the case of in-line hockey, as well as power explosiveness stamina and strength and endurance. We work on all of these with a unique regimented training methodology, and we make sure our athletes are going to be performing at the highest level. This is just another tip to focus on this ride lettuces him rather than focusing so much on the skill because that’s how the peer amid should go. It should be functional movement as the at the bottom of the. Scratch that peer amid is what I meant. Then it should be Roth lettuces him things like speed and strength balance and stability etc. and then work on hockey specific drills. Stickhandling and shooting dribbling, passing, and for a goaltender you know, working on specific things.
The third tip that we would say that would help athletes perform at a higher level, especially younger athletes, is the mental aspect of it.
Never underestimate the power of your mind. Your mind is an incredibly powerful tool that believes whatever you tell it. If you believe you cannot do it, you definitely will not be able to do something. But if you’re mine believe with all your heart and soul and and all your strength, you can achieve it if you really and truly believe it. I know that sounds corny and cliché, but you can definitely definitely do whatever you put your mind to.
These are just some of the reasons why organization is so unique, is because we care so much about our in-line hockey players. And these are a few tips that you can use to get better. Need to learn more about us? Click here for the About Us Section of our website!